Provider Resources

Resources and Helpful Links for Provider Materials​

AppleCare Medical Group provides our physicians with frequently used forms and guides to better assist you in your practice. Please use the document library below to access any forms you may need.

Provider Resources

AppleCare Medical Group provides our physicians with frequently used forms and guides to better assist you in your practice. Please use the document library below to access any forms you may need.

Become an AppleCare Doctor

You’re a physician first, and a business person second. But running a practice at maximum effectiveness and profitability can take time away from your medical care. AppleCare, part of OptumCare™, helps cut through the red tape and provides simple, effective solutions for you and your staff.

UM decision making is based only on appropriateness of care and service and existence of coverage. AppleCare Medical Group does not specifically reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage or care. Financial incentives for UM decision makers do not encourage decisions that result in underutilization. Practitioners are not prohibited from advocating on behalf of the member and are advised of the following:

  • The expectation to educate members regarding health needs.
  • To share findings of medical history and physical exams.
  • To discuss potential treatment options (including those that may be self-administered) and the risks, benefits and consequences of treatment or non-treatment.
  • The side effects and management of symptoms (without regard to plan coverage).
Recognize that the member has the right to receive sufficient information, to be able to provide input into the proposed treatment plan and has the final say in the course of action to take among clinically acceptable choices. Practitioners are ensured independence and impartiality in making referral decisions that will not influence: [29 CFR § 2590.715-219(b)(2)(ii)(D)]. This statement is also distributed to providers along with the Affirmative
  • Statement above.
  • Hiring
  • Compensation
  • Termination
  • Promotion
  • Any other similar matters

AppleCare provides physicians the necessary support services to navigate healthcare’s changing landscape while maintaining their independence and autonomy in the delivery of compassionate patient care. By joining AppleCare, you will discover a group of like-minded medical professionals that share your vision of helping through healing -- medical professionals who appreciate the challenge of working with and improving the health of your patients. We invite you to become a part of a team of dedicated medical professionals providing quality, compassionate care to patients in an environment that empowers and rewards you for your dedication and effort.

Maintaining an independent physician practice in today’s healthcare world can be challenging. Technology and reimbursement are changing in ways that make it difficult for small practitioners to manage and compete. AppleCare supports independent practices with a variety of tools and opportunities and brand and marketing alignment. Our alignment with the Optum brand means we have resources to help grow our affiliated physician groups. We work directly with independent brokers to help them understand the added benefits of AppleCare for the patients they enroll.

AppleCare can provide affiliated practices with an array of practice solutions to streamline operations and maximize their bottom line.


Practice Management / Electronic Health Record Consulting: We can help choose a product and support you through implementation, including locum support.


Concierge Practice Support: Our practice coaches help assess workflows and optimize your staff’s time by recommending process changes that make your practice more productive.

  • Hassle-free online referrals
  • Key hospital affiliations
  • Sales and growth team
  • Direct referrals for most specialists
  • Online claims submission program
  • Hospitalist program
  • Extensive specialty network
  • Quick claim turnaround
  • Full service internal management team

For more information on joining AppleCare:
Call: 1-800-460-5051, TTY 711
Submit a letter of interest to: