Nurse line

There’s never a convenient time to get sick

With Optum Care Network, you can be certain that we’ll direct you to the right person to get you feeling better.

If you need medical advice when your doctor’s office is closed, call: 1-800-460-5051, TTY 711. Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. and you’ll be connected to a live person who can give you advice on how to handle your situation.

Urgent care centers

You may be advised to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room

Visit one of our local urgent care centers

Call your health plan nurse advice line for fast telephone medical advice.

Most health plans provide a telephone advice nurse 24/7. The nurse will answer your health care questions so you can take care of yourself or your family. If you’re covered by one of the following health plans, you can call that plan’s nurse advice line directly.

1-800-556-1555, TTY 711

Blue Cross
1-800-224-0336, TTY 711

Blue Shield
1-877-304-0504, TTY 711

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan (formerly Care1st)
1-800-609-4166, TTY 711

1-800-564-9286, TTY 711

Alignment Health Plan
1-800-460-5051, TTY 711

Health Net
1-800-893-5597, TTY 711

1-800-457-4708, TTY 711

L.A. Care
1-800-249-3619, TTY 711

1-800-793-1717, TTY 711

1-866-747-4325, TTY 711